Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Design and Deliver a Holistic Learning Approach

An entrepreneurial school leader redesigns and implements an evidence-based whole-school plan that better meets student needs. The school must create an Effective Schools Framework-aligned model that includes high-quality instructional materials, provides high-dosage tutoring and an extended school day/year. 
Redesign a School


Generate innovative options to meet targeted needs of specific student groups 
Give entrepreneurial leaders the opportunity to design a more effective and holistic school model
Launch a customized approach that can serve as a model for other campuses in the district
Partner managed

Blended Redesign

  • Identify or support an existing entrepreneurial school leader
  • Create a design team that includes key stakeholders (leadership, students, families, teachers) who are engaged and informed
  • Engage with families and students to understand their experiences, aspirations, and needs
  • Create a process for selecting the approach that meets the school community’s needs
District managed

Rural Redesign (P-20 Model)

  • Identify leader/principal to lead the district redesign process 
  • Formalize process for approving district design plan and parameters for granting school operating autonomies 
  • Develop communication and community engagement plan to rigorously engage the district community in the needs assessment and redesign process
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Resources for Funding Your School Action

Districts have access to multiple funding opportunities from TEA which can be combined to fund school actions, including the school action fund and other grants to support the adoption of specific school models which can be used to implement strong school actions, or provide additional funding for partner-managed schools.

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