School Actions Overview

What are School Actions?

School Actions are bold strategies that transform low-performing schools, fulfill unmet community needs, and expand access to world-class learning environments for students.

All School Actions include the following components:

  1. ESF-Aligned
  2. High-Quality Instructional Materials
  3. Research Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS)
  4. Strategic Scheduling

Cycle 8 School Actions

Check out the LASO Cycle II web page.


Restart Actions provide an opportunity for a district to rapidly improve outcomes for students through an intentional focus on highly effective talent, new rigorous academic programming, and culture systems that focus on positive school culture. Learn more:

New School

New School Actions allow districts to design a new learning environment that best suits student, family and community needs. Learn more:


The Reassign Action supports districts in the thoughtful transfer of students to high-performing A/B-rated schools after the closure of a campus.


Redesign Actions support a school leader to develop and implement a whole school model that meets the community's needs. Learn more:

School Action Self Assessment Tool

Use this resource to guide your decision making around bold actions for one or more of your campuses. This tool should help spark conversations with your fellow district leaders, your school board, and your families. The recommendations you will receive after using this tool are created based off of formulas, but this tool is not perfect and it is not an exact science.