Grant Opportunities

School Action Fund

The School Action Fund Grant (SAF) application is available to districts every year in the spring to all Comprehensive and Targeted campuses with D/F ratings. If selected, districts will receive planning and implementation funds and technical assistance to take school actions to transform or create new schools. 


  • 20 Planning Grants available for SY 2021-2022
  • Planning: 1 Year, $250,000
  • Continuation funding to implement an action: $500,000-$1,000,000

Technical Assistance

  • TEA-approved providers support districts as advisors on school actions, project management, and liaises with TEA. 
  • TEA will match districts with a provider based on your needs and the provider’s expertise (e.g. the type of school action selected, build on existing relationships).


Application Process

The SAF Grant Application includes a written and interview component. 

Districts submit a written application to demonstrate your vision and readiness to begin planning a specific school action. The application asks districts to describe your community needs analysis, how you selected the school action, how you plan to measure and evaluate progress and your budget for the planning year.

The application interview is your opportunity to go beyond the written application, emphasize key points from your application, and demonstrate that you have a strong plan in place.

School Action Fund Grant Timeline


SAF Timeline 2021

School Actions Timeline: March 26 Application opens, April 8 SAF Webinar, May 13 2021 Application Due, June 2021 Application Review, August 2021 Grants Awarded, September 2021 Planning begins

Other Grants and Resources

Grants for Specific Program Models

Districts receive grants to implement specific models such as P-Tech, T-STEM, and Early College HS.


District eligibility varies by program. See this funding matrix for more information.

$ Available

Varies, many grants ~$150,000

1882 Funding/Texas Partnerships

Districts receive additional per pupil funding to open a new school managed by a partner they select.


Districts who recruit and contract with a partner org to manage a school are eligible.

$ Available

Additional per pupil funding.

Charter School Program (CSP) Grants

District partners receive funding for the start-up of a new charter school over 3 years.


Districts are not eligible, but can support applications from their partners for new schools.

$ Available

$600,000 average award