School Actions Support


Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Technical Assistance (TA) Providers

Creating the schools our communities want and need takes careful thought, planning and implementation. The School Action Fund ensures districts and campuses have the best support by providing matched Technical Assistance (TA) providers that have been identified and vetted by TEA. The role of the TA provider spans three crucial functions:

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, TA providers partner with districts and campuses to ensure you meet your goals and reporting requirements to successfully implement your School Action.

Trusted Advisor

As a Trusted Advisor, TA providers over action-specific guidance, support in strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.

TEA Liaison

As a TEA Liaison, TA provider engage with TEA to give updates and feedback on the overall School Action process to support you and your students.
TA Provider Roles

2021-2022 School Year TA Providers

Below is a list of TA providers, organized by School Action, from the last school year to serve as examples of the high calibre support districts and schools receive. The TEA team takes special care to assess the best providers for the program and is currently finalizing the list for the 2022-2023 School Year.

New School


Education First (EdFirst) is mission-driven strategy and policy organization with unique and deep expertise in education improvement. The organization partners with practitioners, policymakers, funders and advocates to create more people-focused, equitable and inclusive initiatives, strategies and organizations.


MAYA is an education consulting firm that works with school districts, nonprofits and foundations to create excellent and equitable system level changes in education. Our team is comprised of experts in strategic planning, project management and diversity, equity and inclusion.


School Empowerment Network is an organization that empowers local leaders to create high-performing schools centered around proven design principles, rigorous and engaging instruction, and caring relationships between students and staff. 



CEN is an organization that partners with rural schools and communities to achieve
College and Career focus for all students, industry certifications, educator Development and exemplary stewardship. CEN supports districts in developing a custom P-20 model plan that meets the needs of your communities.


Transcend pursues its mission by directly supporting design processes and then shares the tools, models, and insights from this work across its national network of schools and through engaging top leaders in school systems, philanthropy, and policy. As part of the School Actions work they have supported schools in planning for and implementing Blended Redesign Model.

ACE Restart


The Commit Partnership is a collective impact organization composed of 200+ partners across Dallas County and the state of Texas supported by a dedicated 'backbone' staff of 60+ professionals.

Together, the Partnership cultivates a collaborative educational ecosystem across school systems, higher education institutions, city, county, and state governments, foundations, non-profits, employers and workforce agencies.


Good Reason Houston supports districts in improving their low-performing schools and creating new, high-performing ones. These efforts include implementing strategies from successful models like ACE (Accelerating Campus Excellence), replicating great schools, and incubating innovative leaders for new school models.