TCLAS Blended Learning Redesign

Design and Deliver a Holistic Learning Approach

Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) is a set of targeted supports
available to LEAs to accelerate student learning in the wake of COVID 19. TCLAS
New School Model
supports provide deep 1-on-1 customized planning, community
engagement, and implementation supports to help leaders establish a new school model.
Blended Learning Models reimagine school and address learning acceleration needs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Key elements of the redesign process include:
  • LEA identifies a principal who completes a school redesign process facilitated by TA provider

  • School leaders pilot design elements to ensure success, including blended learning strategies and curriculum and assessment

  • ESF-aligned school model reviewed and approved by TEA

  • Must provide significant release time for design and planning


Core Components

Responsive School Model Designed to Meet Community Wants and Needs
ESF-Aligned Plan with Blended Learning, High-Dosage Tutoring, and Extended Day or Year
Student Services and Supports to Address Mental Health And Social Resiliency
Texas outline

How to Plan and Implement 

✓ Engage with families and students to understand community needs
✓ Select a high-performing entrepreneurial school leader to implement a
whole-school plan
✓ Ensure entrepreneurial leaders have sufficient release time to design a more
effective and holistic school model
✓ Through the new school design fellowship, redesign a school that is ESF-aligned,
uses high-quality instructional materials, and offers extended learning time
✓ Plan for operation of the redesigned school
✓ Finalize school redesign plan after TEA feedback and approval
✓ School leader and staff begin to implement the new, ESF-aligned model
To learn more about the requirements to implement this School Action, please download and review the TCLAS Guidance Document.