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Why School Actions?


Persistent challenges require powerful solutions. Leaders need the resources and support to reimagine schools for the future and provide learning opportunities families want and need. 

School Actions are a comprehensive and bold approach to increase the number of students in top-rated schools across the state.

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What are School Actions? 

School Actions are a way for districts to improve by expanding what’s working and replacing or redesigning what’s not working

SAF deliberately supports models with the highest likelihood of success including: 

  • restarting an existing school; 
  • redesigning an existing school; 
  • creating a brand new school; or 
  • thoughtfully reassigning students to higher performing campuses after school closure. 

All School Actions are aligned with the Effective Schools Framework (ESF), and include high-impact tutoring and extended learning time.

For eligible campuses, the School Action Fund provides grant funds and technical assistance to support the successful planning and implementation of School Actions, as well as a broader continuous improvement strategy that extends beyond individual campuses to the entire district.

Tools & Resources

  • Access to tailored tools and resources from TEA
  • Community of practice, including current and former SAF districts

Technical Assistance 

  • Pre-approved TA providers with deep content expertise to support planning and implementation. Learn about TA support


  • Planning, implementation, and sustainability funding totaling $200K-$1.2M per school.

School Action Types

New School

Create a new school designed to fill a gap in the community. New schools typically phase in new grades slowly over time.


Support a school leader to develop and implement a new, innovative model that meets the needs of their community.


Transform existing schools by installing new leadership and staff and implementing a rigorous turnaround model.


Close a low performing school and support the thoughtful transfer of students into existing A or B schools by communicating with families, providing school options to students, and allocating resources to the students’ new schools to ensure a smooth transition.


School Action Fund Cycle 7 Webinars

Want to learn more about School Actions? Attend a live webinar session or check out our resource library!

SCHOOL ACTION FUND OVERVIEW: The Who, What, When, And Why Of School Actions

LIVE: November 18th: 11:00 am - 12:00 CT

If you can't attend, you can download the School Action Fund Overview Webinar Recording  +  Deck

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