Restart: ACE Campus


Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Restart a Struggling School as an ACE Campus

Plan for the implementation of an ESF-aligned ACE model with fidelity to the five core components, including: 1) Strategic Staffing; 2) Instructional Excellence; 3) Extended School Day; 4) Positive Behavior, School Climate and Culture; and 5) Partnership with Parents, Families, and Community Organizations.


Restart a struggling school

Why Choose this Action?

Deliver comprehensive change while maintaining a neighborhood district school by transforming it into a high-quality option for families
Offer students an innovative model that has a strong track record of success in Texas schools
Empower a strong leader to transform the school using the ACE model with highly-qualified educators and staff

Key Elements

  • Planning Year Leader with dedicated time to lead a school restart process facilitated by a TA provider
  • ESF-aligned school model that implements the five core components of the ACE model:
    • Strategic Staffing
    • Instructional Excellence
    • Social-Emotional Supports
    • Extended Learning 
    • Community Partnerships
  • Rigorous, data-driven teacher application process to ensure you have your best teachers serving students

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will the Planning Year Leader be supported by Human Resources and Finance to develop a strategic compensation plan?
  • What data, processes, and tools will be used to select effective educators for the school?
  • What is the depth of your district’s talent pool? Are there enough qualified teachers to support the ACE model?
  • How will campus structures and routines provide educators with consistent observation and feedback cycles, and opportunities for regular data analysis and PLCs?