Redesign: Rural P-20


Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Redesign a Rural Campus with a P-20 Model

Support a school leader, with sufficient release time to be dedicated to planning the action, to redesign a campus within the PK-8 grade level bands to become a part of an integrated P-20 system model as a district-managed campus. The new ESF-aligned educational model must be developed to serve rural community needs and align with secondary and post-secondary dual credit opportunities, P-TECH programming, college and career coaching and work-based learning opportunities.


Redesign a school

Why Choose this Action?

Deliver a comprehensive change that is deeply rooted in regional and community partnerships that bring together K-12, higher education, and workforce opportunities.
Empower a strong school leader to transform the district using the rural P-20 system model with high-quality instructional materials and model-aligned educators and staff. 
Offer students an innovative rural model that focuses on relevant college and career opportunities through continuous educational attainment and industry-related certifications.

Key Elements

  • Planning Year Leader with dedicated time to lead a whole-school redesign process facilitated by a TA provider
  • ESF-aligned school model for grades K-8 that implements the three pillars of the P-20 Student Journey:
    • Community connection through project-based learning and student enterprises
    • Career experience with a focus on high-impact certifications
    • College success through dual credit opportunities and AVID courses
  • System-wide alignment between the K-8 model and PTECH-for-all in secondary grades

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will you integrate career awareness and experiences into the redesigned K-8 educational model
  • What activities and strategies will help ensure students are ready to engage in PTECH coursework and CCMR opportunities? 
  • Does your district have sufficient ECE capacity to begin early preparation for the P-20 model? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders you will need to involve in order to ensure system-wide alignment?