Redesign: Blended Learning


Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Redesign a Campus with a Blended Learning Model

Support an entrepreneurial school leader, with sufficient release time to be dedicated to planning the action, to lead a design process and implement a whole-school redesign that reimagines school and addresses circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new ESF-aligned educational model must be developed to serve community needs, utilize blended learning for instructional delivery in at least math and ELAR, and address positive behavior, school culture and climate.


Redesign a school

Why Choose this Action?

Satisfy community demand for a flexible option that enables personalized learning to meet students’ unique needs.
Empower an existing leader and staff with high-quality instructional materials, research-based instructional strategies, training, and supportive school climate.
Create an inspiring model of 21st-century learning that integrates relevant skills and knowledge that prepare students for success in the current and future economy.

Key Elements

  • Planning Year Leader with dedicated time to lead a school redesign process facilitated by a TA provider
  • ESF-aligned school model that incorporates one of the following blended learning models in at least math and ELAR:
    • Station rotation
    • Lab rotation
    • Flipped classroom
    • Individual rotation
  • Extended day/year to maximize learning acceleration

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • How will you need to prepare your staff and adjust your programmatic structures to implement a new curriculum and instructional strategies with fidelity? 
  • Which blended learning model is best suited to the goals of your action and community needs?
  • How will you integrate both in-school and at home learning?
  • What additional resources would you need in order to effectively implement Blended Learning?