New School: ECE Partnership


Applications are due  May 9, 2022

Create a New School as an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Partner-Managed Campus

Conduct a rigorous partnership authorization process to identify and select a high-performing partner organization to launch a new Early Childhood Education school based on a successful, ESF-aligned school model which aligns with TEA’s Kindergarten TEKS and supports all High-Quality Prekindergarten Components. Districts must guarantee prioritized enrollment at the new campus for students who meet the definition of “educationally disadvantaged." Campuses must apply for a new CDCN and Title I served status for SY 2023-2024. District must launch a Call for Quality Schools to select a high-quality ECE operating partner and apply for Texas Partnership benefits by December 2022.


Create a new school

Why Choose this Action?

Satisfy community demand for a new, high-performing ECE option to meet the needs of families and students.
Partner with a high-quality ECE organization who brings extensive knowledge and a track record of success to your district.
Increase funding for ECE programming and strengthen the pipeline of students enrolling in district schools.

Key Elements

  • New leader, new staff, district or partner employees
  • Call for Quality Schools (CQS) application, specifying that providers have high-quality ECE curriculum and a track record of success; review process for selecting school partner organization(s)
  • District builds a pipeline of high-quality prospective applicants
  • Rigorous authorization process to identify a high-performing organization to partner with
  • District applies for Texas Partnership benefits in December 2022 and a new CDCN by March 2023

Pre-Planning Considerations

  • What is the current landscape of ECE providers in your community? Are there an existing local high-quality options, or will you need to recruit a partner from elsewhere?
  • Who will lead Call for Quality Schools process? What additional stakeholders will you involve?
  • What is your local political climate concerning Texas Partnerships / SB 1882 schools? Who might you need to engage to ensure buy-in?