Reassign Students to Higher-Performing Schools

Move Students to Higher Quality Schools

Districts close a low performing school and support the thoughtful transfer of students into existing A or B schools by communicating with families, providing school options to students, and allocating resources to the students’ new schools to ensure a smooth transition.
Districts should consider this action if the district determines closure is the best option for a persistently struggling school, can commit to supporting students through the process, and is able to create space at existing high-quality schools, where students will be better served. Learn more about this evidence-based School Action.
Reassign students


Immediately expand access to schools with a track record of success in improving outcomes.
Partner with the community to plan for a smooth transition and potential future use of the facility.
Access funding to ensure students and schools are supported through every phase of the transition.

Spotlight: Victoria ISD

To identify community needs, VISD engaged stakeholders, sharing academic and operational data, and analyzing school quality and enrollment trends across the district. The district conducted townhall meetings, live virtual events, and a crowdsourcing online platform to gather ideas from nearly 100,000 community members. This resulted in a decision to close 4 schools and reassign students. VISD planned for this transition, including student transportation needs, an enrollment process, and uses for facilities. Students were assigned for the 19-20 school year and received individual case-management support to ensure every child ended up in a higher-performing school and experienced a smooth transition.
Teacher working with students in a lab

Resources for Funding Your School Action

Districts have access to multiple funding opportunities from TEA which can be combined to fund school actions, including the school action fund and other grants to support the adoption of specific school models which can be used to implement strong school actions, or provide additional funding for partner-managed schools.

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Reassign to Higher-Performing Schools

Learn more about reassigning students, including benefits, how to plan and implement this action, and an example of this action in practice.